Safe Deposit Boxes


From your family’s heirloom, stock certificates to property deeds and other valuables, these are items that require extra security at all times. NBKL Safe Deposit Boxes offer reliable and guaranteed solutions for potential situations that may be out of your hands such as theft or natural calamities. Fail-safe answers for your million- dollar questions.

Size Yearly fees Guarantee Deposit
27x11x46 cms  LBP 150,000 $300
27x15x46 cms LBP 200,000 $300
27x23x46 cms LBP 300,000 $300

Boxes are available in a variety of sizes, are competitively priced and easily accessible during business hours of your branch.

  • Access your boxes anytime during working hours
  • Competitive rates
  • Wide range of box sizes available


  • Concrete safety
  • Full security
  • Convenient access

Common Questions

  • How can I rent Safe Deposit Box at NBKL? You should be an NBKL customer to be able to rent a Safe Deposit Box
  • What is the period that I can rent a Safe Deposit Box? Safe Deposit Boxes are available for rental for 1 year renewable.
  • Are Safe Deposit Boxes available in all NBKL branches? Safe Deposit Boxes are only available in the following branches:
    • Head Office - Sanayeh
    • Bhamdoun Branch
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